Network Meeting 06-02-13

At this week’s meeting Dan from Strategy Plus gave us a presentation on the areas his company are involved in including web site design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media and informative workshops.

I have given Strategy Plus the job of performing the SEO on my web site and so can vouch for their effectiveness in this area particularly as I am now on the first page of Google for every search term I have given them.  The workshop is also excellent and I would recommend to anyone that is interested in promoting their business on the web to attend this.

My presentation this week centred on the need to plan ahead if you are considering taking out a mortgage or re-mortgage.  This past week I have seen several people who have had either too many searches within the past 12 months, recent Pay Day loans or missed / late payments on credit.  These are all negative factors when applying for a mortgage so planning ahead is not only important but can save you hundreds or thousands of pounds through access to lower interest rates.