Could you financially survive a critical illness?

In recent years modern medicine has meant that more and more people are surviving a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or a stroke; but may not recover sufficiently for them to return to full time work.

This is where Critical Illness Cover is of benefit as it is designed to pay a one-off lump sum if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness during the term of the policy.

Because of modern medicine and new medical procedures critical illness cover has become one of the fastest growing insurance products available.

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Critical illness insurance cover should not be confused with other protection policies such as term life insurance that only pays out on death or Family Income Benefit that pays out a monthly income on death although critical illness cover can be added. Similarly, this form of insurance is different to Income Protection Insurance which will pay you a monthly amount once you have been declared unfit for work for an agreed period of time.

According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people in Britain will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life and someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes. This is why having critical illness cover insurance is such an important consideration when either applying for a mortgage or for general family protection.

With our expert critical illness cover advisors in Birmingham, we at RM Mortgage Solutions will help you find the best cover to ensure yours and your family’s peace of mind in unexpected and difficult situations.

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The range of critical illnesses covered and their definitions vary from company to company, so we recommend that you obtain professional advice to ensure that you take out a policy that is suited to your exact requirements.

We will search the whole of the UK critical illness insurance market on your behalf to find you the most appropriate product.

Critical Illness plans have no investment element, have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If you stop paying your premiums your cover may end.

If you were diagnosed today with cancer, a heart problem or suffering from a serious illness, would you remain independent or become reliant on others? Would you still be able to meet all of your financial commitments?

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