Value of male protection sees double digit growth

Men in their 30’s have increased the amount they insure themselves for by a fifth (20%) in the past year, according to new figures from Scottish Provident.

Women have also increased the amount that they typically insure themselves for, but it is the men in their 30’s that are leading the way.

For men in their 40’s and 60’s levels of cover are now shown to be equalling the women, as this figure has increased by 10% in the past year alone.  It would appear that only those in their 50s are bucking this trend, men increasing by just 6%, with the amount women in this age group value themselves at seeing a fall of 8%.

Ian Smart, head of product development, at Scottish Provident, commented: “We have seen a trend over the past year with both men and women increasing the level of cover they have in place, particularly at the younger end of the age spectrum.”

“This is the age at which many people purchase their own home and start a family. It is therefore only natural that they will also consider whether they have sufficient financial protection in place to safeguard these major events.”

Post taken from Cover Magazine