State Benefits – Could you live on them?

State Benefits – Could you live on them?

Austerity measures in the UK have meant some of the biggest cuts in state spending since World War II, and as a result the traditional safety net of state benefits is reducing.

Research by Legal & General shows that, on average, people could be on the breadline in just 19 days* if all they had to rely on was their savings or state benefits to keep the bills paid.  So now may be time to take control and help ensure you can provide for yourself, your partner or your loved ones in the event of long term sickness, injury, critical illness or even death.

What problems could relying on state benefits mean for you?

The attached guide shows just what you might have to rely on for state benefits without protection, or what your loved ones may have to rely on after your death.State Benefits

I believe it’s more important than ever to take some action now and put as little as £6 a month into helping give you and your loved ones some financial protection.

Why not give me a call or drop me an email today. What have you got to lose?

*Legal & General Deadline to the Breadline Report 2012.  Please note the 19 days is for Great Britain only and does not include Northern Ireland.

Advice – Needed more than ever?

With the massive growth of the internet, there are many places where you can find the information you require about your health, car, home, holiday, or even financial needs.  Along the way, some may also decide to handle the whole process themselves. But nothing is ever totally straightforward and when the questions mount up, the problems may begin. And before they know it, it’s started to take up much more of their time than expected.

Take advice

That’s why people continue to seek the professional input of doctors, lawyers and trades people, and the same can be applicable to your borrowing, protection and insurance needs.

Take mortgages, for example. You may know how much you’d like to borrow and believe you can afford the likely monthly payments, but unfortunately lenders continue to be picky.

Interestingly, some recent research has shown that around 29% of UK adults, who have had an unsuccessful mortgage application after initially approaching a bank direct, have then been successful when they turned to a broker.

(Source YouGov/Countrywide survey, November 2012)

Our market knowledge

Of course, we don’t have a magic wand, but as we operate in this sector day-in, day-out, we know of the key issues, and where to look.  Additionally, the marketplace has changed markedly over the last five years or so.  For example, interest only loans are less prevalent, if available at all, and the income ratios may not be quite what you enjoyed last time round.

Time saving for you

Once we establish your requirements, we can see what’s on offer and help guide you through the process by liaising with the various parties involved.  Hopefully, this will greatly reduce the amount of time you may need to devote to your application.

We would also have a better steer on where you may secure an offer, so can limit the number of lenders that need to be approached.  This is very important as each time you apply for credit, this may be recorded on the files held by the credit reference agencies.