Looking to sell your home?

Looking to sell your home?

If you are asking yourself “how do I sell my home?” then here are some helpful tips on how to sell your home.

1. Does your area have any worthy characteristics

It is always a good idea to mention a distinctive characteristic of your area or road, for example “A charming period house set in a quiet tree lined road.” If your area holds local events or has a great community spirit this might also be worth a mention.

2. List nearby amenities

If you are in the catchment area of a great school, make sure you say so. Schooling is often a deciding factor for many parents so a school with a good Ofsted report can make a difference.

Additionally, good transport links are often a vital consideration when buying property so if your home is situated reasonably close to a train station or has easy access to roads / motorways then it is worth mentioning.

3. People like good neighbours

Unless your property is detached, neighbours will be a consideration for potential buyers. If you do have delightful neighbours make sure you point it out. The more personal you can make a listing sound the more the reader will imagine themselves in your property.

4. List the Key Selling Points

Some things that are worth giving extra personal details on are any of the ‘key’ selling points that everyone looks for when buying a property.

The parts of the house that people put most weight on are the kitchen, bathroom and garden / patio area. If you have a newly fitted kitchen (and that could be up to a couple of years old) or a great area for entertaining, then describe it. This could be inside the house, overlooking your stunning garden or your beautiful decking / patio area.

5. Be honest

This is the most important consideration when describing your property. If you don’t have great neighbours, don’t suggest that you have. If you don’t have an idyllic country garden or blissfully quiet location, do not suggest that you do. Whilst portraying a dreamlike picture is a sure fire way to attain buyer interest, providing misleading information will almost guarantee that your property stays on the market.

Post courtesy of Property Reporter.