Money – How To Turn Money Into Happiness

Money – How To Turn Money Into Happiness

As the Beatles pointed out in their 1964 hit “Can’t buy me love”, there are some things money can’t buy, at least not directly.  Money can influence happiness though – if used in the right way. Here are some tips on how you can use your personal wealth wisely, to help make your life happier.


Unfortunately money can’t buy good health, but it can be used in a number of ways to maintain or improve it.  At a fundamental level, money can buy a well-balanced diet full of healthy, nutritious foods. It can also buy equipment to help keep you fit. Managing the family finances so that there is money available for the regular bills, and savings available to cope with unforeseen events can also prevent a lot of stress, which could potentially come under the heading of a health benefit. Money can contribute towards better quality healthcare, it can provide the option to pay for quicker access to private treatment rather than having to endure an NHS waiting list and it can also help ease any rehabilitation period by providing funds to pay for helpful equipment (such as mobility scooters) or personal support.

Education and development – investing in yourself

Money can buy you experiences and opportunities which can enhance your professional options.  While employers will pay for obligatory training and may help with training which has a clear importance to your current occupation, quite simply the more money you have at your disposal, the wider your range of possibilities. You can choose to undertake personal education to further your goals or you may choose to do something else entirely.  Perhaps you would like to have the security of knowing that you are still able to earn an income if you find yourself unexpectedly out of work.  Maybe you have hopes of turning a hobby into a business. Or perhaps you’d just like to do something completely different. Whatever the reason, having money can make this possible.

Getting the right advice and skills

Money can buy other people’s time, expertise, and knowledge to make your life a little easier.  It may be hiring someone to clean the house and mow the lawn instead of doing it yourself, or visiting a financial advisor for professional advice, whatever the case spending money on getting the right people with the right skills can save you time and worry. This will free up time and energy for other activities, which can bring you much more happiness. Rather than washing the dishes, use money to buy a dishwasher so you can spend the extra time doing something you enjoy. Instead of spending all day in the garden doing basic chores like mowing and tidying, get someone else to do them and concentrate on the things you actually enjoy doing. Instead of spending time and effort to try to work out the most efficient way to manage your money on your own, get help from a professional advisor who can offer financial advice and take some time out with your friends.

Staying in touch

No amount of money can replace the people we care about. However, money can make it much easier to enjoy their company.  Firstly, money can pay for useful communication equipment to keep in touch with people when it’s impractical to visit them.  Money can make the difference between having a basic mobile or even smartphone and one which can manage high quality video calls.  It can allow people to upgrade from simple TVs to smart TVs connected to the internet so that people can enjoy first-class video calling on a much larger screen.  Money can also make it easier to go and visit people in person to let them know how much you appreciate them and their company.