Divorce rates up “due to recession”

Divorce rates have been rising

According to the most recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the divorce rates in England and Wales has gone up and this small rise is attributed to the last recession. The ONS records show that there were 118,140 divorces in 2012 which was an increase of 0.5% on 2011 equating to approximately 13 divorces per hour granted in the Courts of England and Wales.

Previously the ONS had reported a downward trend of divorce rates with the number of divorces between 2003 and 2009 but this rose significantly in 2010 with a rise of 4.9%.

One theory suggests that recession could contribute to a rise in partnership break ups because of the increased financial strain and that the latest divorce rates figures demonstrate the delayed impact of the recession on married couples. It is often the case that married couples will struggle through in times of adversity but ultimately and despite their best efforts, they simply cannot go on any longer.

Another theory however, is that the gradual improving economic situation may have encouraged divorce. Many couples may believe that with an improving financial climate they can finally afford to divorce with the recession appearing to be coming to an end. In a healthier economy with property prices and the job market improving people believe that they will have the financial security to sustain them after separation.

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