Diabetes – The Realities

The Realities of Diabetes

With next week being Diabetes Awareness Week, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to put right some of the common myths surrounding the condition.

Fiction: Only overweight people get Type 2 diabetes

Fact:  Being overweight can increase your chances of becoming diabetic considerably, however, not everyone who is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is overweight. There are many factors which can increase the risk of becoming diabetic such as, family history, age and fitness levels.

Fiction: Raised sugar levels mean you have diabetes.

Fact: Diabetes is diagnosed when blood sugar readings are over a certain level on two or more tests. In some cases, blood sugar levels are noted to be above a normal range, but are not high enough to make a diagnosis. This would be considered pre diabetes – changes to diet and lifestyle can be made at this stage which can help to reduce blood sugar levels to normal, and reduce the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Fiction: Diabetics cannot get life insurance

Fact: Diabetes is one of the most common conditions seen when underwriting. Insurance companies will make a decision on whether to accept someone and how much they would charge based on how long they’ve had the condition, how well it’s controlled and whether there have been any complications. Insurers will most likely only provide life insurance for people with diabetes and not critical illness cover or income protection.

Fiction: You cannot make a claim on critical illness cover for this condition

Fact: With some insurers, critical illness cover allows policyholders to claim a certain percentage of their sum assured if they are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after the policy has commenced. Also, the policyholder can claim the full amount if they are diagnosed with diabetes & develop a complication, regardless of the type of diabetes.

Post courtesy of AIG Life.