Private Medical Insurance offers a wide range of benefits that make it an extremely worthwhile form of insurance.

  • Peace of mind: with private medical insurance you can be assured that you and your family will receive the best of Private Medical Care.
  • Avoid the waiting lists: while you could have to wait up to a year for a non urgent operation with the NHS, you can have it within a few days if you have Private Medical Insurance.
  • High quality care: with less patients to care for, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality of care.
  • Choice: in many cases you will be able to choose the hospital from a hospital list that is most convenient to you and also be able to choose your consultant.
  • Convenience: choose the time and date of your operation to fit in with your commitments.
  • Speed: with no waiting lists you will be referred to a consultant within days to receive your specialist treatment.
  • Excellent facilities: private hospitals are equipped with the latest state of the art facilities.
  • Quality advice: with access to the top specialists in their field, you will receive the best advice.
  • Privacy: most private hospitals rooms are equipped with a television, phone, en-suite room facilities and other home comforts. In addition to this the food is edible!
  • No restrictions: in nearly all private hospitals there are no set visiting hours so visitors can call when and as often as they like.

Private medical policies provide cover for the costs of private medical treatment for curable, short-term medical conditions.

Essentially, medical insurance allows you to jump long National Health Service queues for minor, non life-threatening conditions.

Private medical insurance will cover the cost of specialist consultants, medical treatment, surgery, drugs, accommodation in a private hospital, or in a private ward within an NHS hospital.

The Cost will depend upon the type of plan you choose and whether other family members are included.

If you want to save money you should consider a budget policy, which applies only if the treatment you need is not available on the NHS within a set period.

Other ways of keeping costs down include paying a higher excess, or by agreeing to accept a restricted choice of hospitals.

Health Insurance

Choosing a Health Insurance policy isn’t just a case of picking a brand name you’ve heard of and hoping that you are fully covered. Cover varies enormously between policies.
If you want an adviser who will discus your options with you, research the market and provide a shortlist of the cheapest policies that match your requirements then please call us.


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