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Lifestyle Calculator

With finances getting tighter, you might feel you´re already stretched to the limit. So how are you going to find the money to pay for extra protection?

It could be easier than you think. And our lifestyle calculator can help you. Take all those little items we take for granted, like the odd coffee or magazine. Individually they don´t amount to much, but you´d probably be surprised to find how quickly the money adds up.

See for yourself. Simply make a note of them in the calculator below.
And it will show you how much they add up to each month. Cutting out just a few of these items could save you enough money to buy the protection that could give you financial security.

Take a look at the list below to calculate how much you spend on little extras each month. Simply adjust the cost per unit to the price you pay and enter how many times you buy these items in an average week, then click the ‘Calculate your spending’ button.

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