Income Protection – The backbone of every households protection

The news that HMV is closing after 92 years was rather a blow to me. Although I have not visited a store for some time, I have always known it is there.

In my youth I spent many a happy hour perusing the aisles, looking for something on which to spend my pocket money.  Now my children, who are classic examples of the internet age, download and buy all of their music online – something that was unimaginable when I was their age.  Sadly, it is this shift away from the high street which has probably contributed to HMV’s demise.

Sometimes it is only when we lose something that we realise how much it meant to us.  In these difficult financial times, more and more high street names are disappearing and it is only now that they have disappeared that we realise that we relied on them and did not appreciate it until it was gone.

We are all guilty of taking our health for granted, but what would we do if we were suddenly unable to work through illness?  It is not something anyone likes to think about and many prefer to bury their heads in the sand in the hope that they never have to confront serious illness. However, we already know that nothing in this world is certain to remain the same and I have personally seen people’s health change dramatically for the worse overnight.

One way of ensuring our financial security, and that of our families, is to take out Income Protection Insurance, which can offer a lifeline if the worst were to happen. Although it cannot fix your health, it can provide a regular income to help ensure that bills such as a mortgage, council tax, gas, electric and food can be paid while you focus on getting better.

If you are concerned about how you would continue to pay your bills in the event of an illness then please either call or email me for a FREE, no obligation discussion on how you can achieve peace of mind.