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We are constantly being bombarded with television and newspaper adverts depicting people eager to tell us about the cheap quote they received.

This is great but, the big question is, did they get the most suitable policy for their personal circumstances? Maybe, but who knows! How many of us sit down and read through the policy in any detail; and all of the small print?

When choosing home insurance there are a number of things to consider, but the most important one has to be ensuring that your family’s home and possessions are properly protected.

For many people checking out various policies to ensure that exclusions do not result in a potentially declined claim falls into the “too difficult” category and so does not get done.

This is why professional advice is so important. At RM Mortgage Solutions we understand the importance of finding the most suitable home insurance policy, both in terms of level of cover; and price. We are fully aware that it is only when you come to make a claim that the importance of extensive cover and a personal service becomes apparent.

We can search through various insurance companies using our extensive product knowledge to ensure that we find the right policy for your personal circumstances.

Contact us today for a quote tailored to your individual requirements.